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Supernatural police romance novel has it all

By Staff | Oct 30, 2014

New York Times bestselling author Jacqueline Carey finishes her Daisy Johanssen series with “Poison Fruit.”

Daisy, the half-human servant of Hel, the Norse goddess, serves as a paranormal police officer in Pemkowet, a city where humans interact with fairies, ghouls, werewolves and the like. Daisy is supposed to keep them in line, and as wtinessed by the Halloween debacle in the last book, that can sometimes be a hard task. People were injured and horrified by some supernatural shenanigans, and now the city is facing a massive lawsuit.

Daisy already feels bad enough that while the town was having some big issues, she was hooking up with werewolf police officer Cody Fairfax, but now this makes everything worse. Paired with the fact that Cody doesn’t want to see her romantically anymore because he must make good with his species and find himself a nice little werewolf bride to settle down with. Daisy wants to move on, and that may mean hooking up with ancient and charming ghoul Stefan. But is that jumping from the frying pan into the fire?

Meanwhile, a human man is attacked in his sleep by an old woman. At first, Daisy believes that he is only suffering from ordinary night terrors, but nothing is ordinary in her world. It turns out there is a Night Hag in town, and Daisy is determined to shut her down. When a little boy is attacked next, and then an older woman who dies from it, Daisy is ready to put her foot down with extreme measures.

Can she save the residents of her town? Will the literally wicked lawyer who is representing the plaintiffs in the lawsuit bring ruin to the town forever? Will Daisy have a chance at romance? Or will the combination of everything she is facing cause her to tap into her other half (her father was an incubus) and fulfill her birthright, ushering in the apocalypse?

Daisy is a hard-nosed police detective with a bit of something extra (like a tail) who keeps the supernatural world in line. There’s plenty of action, twists, romance and lots of supernatural baddies to fight. This book wraps up the series, which was a truly enjoyable one.