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New Doctor Who series book tie-in

By Staff | Sep 24, 2014

A tie-in book series to coincide with the new season of Doctor Who on the BBC with Peter Capaldi as the new Doctor has recently been released.

Four original stories have been released, three with Peter Capaldi’s Doctor, who teams with Clara the companion, and even one with Madame Vastra, Strax and Jenny. There is also one book with John Hurt’s War Doctor.

In “Engines of War” by George Mann, the War Doctor is in the middle of fighting the Time War with the other Time Lords against the Daleks. He crashlands on the small planet of Moldox. There he meets a young Dalek hunter named Cinder, one of the few remaining civilians left on the planet fighting for survival. Cinder agrees to help him fight the Daleks if he will help her get to somewhere safe. They uncover a secret Dalek weapon, and their fight will take them from Moldox to Gallifrey and even to the Dalek stronghold.

Three books feature Capaldi’s Doctor along with companion Clara.

In Silhouette” by Justin Richards, the duo are joined by friends Madame Vestra, the lizard woman; her wife, Jenny; and Strax the Sontaran alien turned butler. A colleague of Madame Vastra’s, Marlow Hapworth, is found dead in his locked study, writing a letter to her about something awful he witnessed at The Carnival of Curiosities. A few days later a friend of Strax’s, Rick Bellamy the boxer, is found dead in an alley. As Jenny and Vastra begin to investigate, the Doctor and Clara turn up, drawn to that point in time for a reason. What really is housed in the Carnival? Who is the mysterious stranger who seems to draw everyone in? And who or what is the performer Silhouette?

In “The Crawling Terror” by Mike Tuker, the Doctor and Clara show up in the small town of Ringstone, drawn by ley lines in the area. There they find the town has suddenly been attacked by large insects, from spiders to mosquitos, who are making quick work of the townspeople. Caught in the middle of something out of a horror movie, they must uncover where these mutations came from and why. There’s a link to World War II and a recently developed science park that may not be all that it seems.

In “The Blood Cell” by James Goss, an asteroid far away from many worlds houses dangerous criminals and is touted as the most secure prison. There, the Governor presides over all. When he gets a new prisoner, everything changes. His new prisoner is the Doctor, who immediately begins trying to escape. And that’s when the danger really begins. Told from the perspective of the Governor, readers get an outside look at the Doctor and his world.

All four books will be loved by Doctor Who fans, and they are all quick reads at around 250 pages each. “Engines of War” is a bit longer at 312 pages. Those who may have tuned in to the new series should definitely pick these up. All are $9.99.