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M.D. Waters’ futuristic thriller ‘Archetype’

By Staff | Jul 30, 2014

Now available in paperback is M.D. Waters’ speculative fiction first book in a two-part series, “Archetype.”

Emma wakes up in a mysterious hospital with very little memory. A handsome stranger named Declan claims to be her husband and is wanting her to get better so she can live with him in extreme luxury. But Emma has memories of another man, Noah, who may be a former lover or an enemy, and a romantic trip on the beach, when Declan prefers the mountains.

Emma also has another voice in her head, whom she refers to as Her, whose memories of the world terrify Emma. They are memories of wars, of an underground resistance, and most importantly, a world in which women are rounded up into work camps to live until they are “purchased” by a man to become a wife. Emma soon learns that memory is correct – women are scarce, and fertile women scarcer still, so only the very wealthy may “acquire” a wife.

Emma begins to not only distrust her memory, but also distrust Declan and the doctors who claim to only be trying to help her after an accident. Who can she believe? Who is the voice in her head belong to? Whose memories does she have? And everything is rocked when she finally meets Noah face-to-face…

This is an addictive page turner, of a highly technological world with an unnerving world view. The reader and Emma won’t know who to trust until the very end, and even then, be distrustful! Emma’s journey is surprising and shocking and will continue in the author’s next book, “Prototype,” which is available now.

“Archetype” is published by Plume. It is $16 and 368 pages long.