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Summer reading: Choose your own sexy adventure

By Staff | May 28, 2014

Wedding season is upon us, and what better way to experience one than through a sexy “pick a path” story? You can do just that in “A Girl Walks Into a Wedding” by Helena S. Paige.

Your oldest friend in the world, Jane, is getting married and you are to be a bridesmaid. Will the wedding go off without a hitch? Will the dress be beautiful or hideous? All of those things are up for you to decide, but also there’s a bunch of sexy guys to choose from. Will you ask the guy you’ve been seeing a few times, Steve, to be your date or will you go solo and perhaps pick up the DJ, the best man or even the priest? (Thornbirds!) It’s up to you to choose!

When I went through the book, I ended up picking up an older man who turned out to be pilot in the hotel bar, flew with him to Paris for the evening. And that’s where the book ended for me. Sure hope I made it back in time for the wedding! Going back one “choice” I still went out with the pilot for the evening, but this time my path took me back the next day, have a run in with the cute priest, went to the bachelorette party and tried to talk my friend out of having cold feet, and turned down the cute priest again (I’ve seen how Thornbirds turns out) went to the rehearsal dinner and met my pilot again who happens to also be the groom’s divorced father (oops) and turned down the cute priest yet again (take a hint!) who is having a crisis of faith and leaves, so I had to go find a new wedding officiant and OF COURSE I picked the Elvis impersonator. Thankfully the wedding goes off OK and we make it to the wedding reception, where I caught the wedding bouquet and my pilot (the groom’s dad, remember) catches the garter. I end running off with him again on another flight. So I guess no matter what, I was going to end up with him, but he looks like Bruce Willis, so I’m OK with that.

This is a really fun book, with sexy storylines, and it’s great that you get to pick where you are going, even if some of the choices don’t really matter and you still end up where the story wants you to go. Just like the last one, I can see this end up as a “party game” type entertainment for a girls’ night out.