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Creepy-crawly thriller set in the rainforest

By Staff | Dec 25, 2013

A thriller takes a small species and makes them terrifying in “Invasive Species” by Joseph Wallace.

In a remote section of Africa, amid a dying rainforest, a conservationist named Trey stumbles upon a deadly species of wasp.

One that seems way too intelligent. Through the interruption of a woman living among the natives named Mariama, she saves him, but doesn”t get a chance to warn him just how dangerous the species is. Or that it is spreading. In Tanzania, a physician wnamed Sheila working with refugees is working alongside her mother, who seems to be getting sick. She finds a giant lump under her mother”s skin, an infection she doesn”t remember getting. And something is inside her…

Sheila and Trey are soon draw together by the horror they have witnessed. This new species of wasp, called Thieves by natives, are incredibly smart, hatch their young inside other creatures” bodies, including humans, and take over the hosts, almost erasing their memories. When a young girl named Kait sees a dolphin die and a wasp come out it, her father kills the wasp. And then both of her parents are killed by a swarm of wasps, Kait only escaping because she was out of the house with her grandma. As Sheila, Trey, a friend of Trey”s named Jack, and even Kait try to warn others of what is coming, the danger intensifies, and soon humans may not be the species at the top of the food chain!

There”s some science-based facts in this book that makes the fiction part seem like it could happen, and there”s enough creepy thriller elements to make it a scary apocalyptic type story. This science fiction tale combines elements of both “Alien,” and “Jaws” to make a page-turning story that will make you want to swat the next wasp you see – and then worry that its friends may want revenge!

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