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Clines follow-up an addictive page turner

By Staff | May 29, 2013

By Amy Phelps

Peter Clines returns to his world of superheroes versus zombies in “Ex Patriots.”

It’s been two years since a plague turned most of humanity into zombies, known as ex-humans. A group of superheroes named St. George, Cereberus, Zzzap and Stealth live in the ruins of a movie studio with a last group of survivors, searching for food and supplies.

When they see a drone in the sky one day, people begin to hope that there could possibly still be a functioning military out there somewhere. But St. George and his friends aren’t so sure. When they stumble upon an actual Army battalion, Project Krypton, isn’t just the last group of survivors, they are something else entirely – a group of super-soldiers. And their base in Arizona may just be what the group of survivors need. But the super soldiers aren’t all entirely sane, and as their backgrounds become known, may be just as dangerous to the survivors and the ex-humans are. Can St. George and his friends keep their charges safe, or have the come up against something they can’t fight?

For anyone who has ever wanted to see superheroes do battle against supervillains during the zombie apocalypse, this series is for you. St. George, Cereberus, Zzap and Stealth are all well-defined heroes, just trying to do their job even in the midst of the apocalypse, and are still trying to figure out their “ordinary” human lives as well. The background of Project Krypton and those involved in it is told in alternate chapters and is chilling and compelling.

This is an addictive page turner that will have readers sounding like a zombie craving more!