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Zombies, witches and politics

By Staff | Jun 27, 2012

Go off the beaten path with some new books!

Follow the story of a smart zombie who tries to juggle her job, relationship and a need for brains in “Even White Trash Zombies Get the Blues” by Diana Rowland.

Angel’s former life on the wrong side of the tracks has taken a new spin when as part of her probation, she must work for the county coroner’s office. It’s during her new job that she finds a new lease on life, is fatally injured, and, oh yeah, brought back as a zombie with a craving for brains!

Luckily, her job keeps her in brains, and the guy that made her into a zombie happens to be a hunky cop. Angel just starts to believe she may have a handle on her new life, working toward her GED, and enjoying her new romance when she is held up at gunpoint for a body. But who needs a body other than a zombie?

Before she knows it, Angel’s felony record is brought up and the election-shy coroner fires her. Meanwhile, she has zombie hunters to dodge and realizes that her perfect boyfriend might just be “connected” with some other powerful zombies.

If Angel is going to get her job back, she’s got to find out where the body went and why…

This is a darkly funny procedural mystery with plenty of heart and brains to spare!

“Even White Trash Zombies Get the Blues” is published by DAW. It is $7.99 and 312 pages long.


If you missed it in hardback, pick up New York Times bestselling author Kelley Armstrong’s “Spell Bound” in paperback.

Picking up right where “Waking the Witch” left off, Savannah Levine had just wished the older woman whom she just helped put away for murder could still take care of her granddaughter. In fact, she would give up her powers if that could happen. And suddenly, it does.

Savannah’s not sure who overheard her – the Fates or something more sinister, but neither she nor her best friend and would-be love interest Adam, have time to figure it out. A faction group is springing up in the supernatural community who is tired of living in the shadows and wants to “come out” to the humans. And they are willing to do whatever it takes to make that happen.

There’s talk of ancient and dangerous prophecies being fulfilled and Savannah has to rely only on her wits as her magic is gone. And someone’s quest for immortality is putting others at risk, drawing Savannah, Adam, and their friends into a trap…

This has been a favorite series of mine for a long time and I’m hanging on breathless for the final story!

“Spell Bound” is published by Plume. It is $9.99 and 389 pages long.


Get a weird mix of politics, humor and music in “The McSweeney’s Book of Politics and Musicals” edited by Christopher Monks.

From the daily humor website “McSweeney’s Internet Tendency” and featuring songs, articles and overall silliness from Ellie Kemper (“The Office”), Jesse Eisenberg (“The Social Network”) Ben Greenman (The New Yorker) and many more, comes sharp political humor in the form of musicals, action movies, trailers, humorous lists and essays.

If you are a fan of political humor, you will love this weird and quirky book that makes fun of everything from sex scandals to campaign slogans.

“The McSweeney’s Book of Politics and Musicals” is published by Vintage. It is $14.95 and 335 pages long.