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Two must-reads for Valentine’s

By Staff | Jan 25, 2012

Find some romance this Valentine’s Day with two new books.

First, a woman finds romance with a British gentleman in Hope Ramsay’s “Last Chance Beauty Queen.”

Caroline “Rocky” Rhodes has left her small town behind to work for a senator. But she is drawn back home when a British investor wants to put a textile mill on some property her parents own – and that has recently been the site of her father’s Golfing for God mini-golf course – and the senator wants her to show him around. Caroline has her own agenda – to scare off the proper Lord Woolham and get him to build elsewhere. She hopes a dose of the Watermelon Festival will make him flee from the crazy town. But it seems to have an opposite effect.

The handsome Hugh deBracy seems to like it there and gets into the spirit of things and some of Caroline’s friends believe a textile mill may actually be a good thing for the town. And Hugh isn’t the only one who is getting charmed – Caroline’s starting to like Hugh, despite the fact that he has her boss’ daughter draped all over him.

Will Hugh still build the mill in town? Will Caroline and he find romance?

I liked the small town setting of this book mixed with the hot British love interest, a little “Bridget Jones” meets “Sweet Home Alabama.”


New York Times bestselling author Victoria Alexander brings a story of spies, danger and historical romance in “My Wicked Little Lies.”

Evelyn Hadley-Attwater thought she left her life of intrigue behind when she decided to marry the handsome Adrian. But when a former associate turns up at her door and informs her some important files containing spies’ identities have been lost, she must go back undercover again, along with the help of her trusty “maid” Celeste, to find the thief and save England, all while keeping her husband in the dark. But while Eve is unearthing secrets, she may discover a few about her husband that could change their relationship forever.

This is a fun adventure with a proper lady spy, and it is great to see a hot romance between a married couple. Alexander’s writing sizzles and is always an enjoyable treat.