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Welcome to the ‘Shatnerverse’

By Staff | Oct 26, 2011

It’s Shatner’s world and we’re just living in it.

William Shatner (with Chris Regan) gives fans his rules for life and for turning 80, along with a hilarious look into his life in his new book, “Shatner Rules: Your Guide to Understanding the Shatnerverse and the World at Large.”

Shatner’s rules are quite funny and sometimes are accompanied by Fun Factners that are equally hilarious. Who knew the man that made Captain Kirk a household name could be so funny?

Throughout the book, Shatner talks about his career and how nearly always saying “yes” to opportunities that have come his way have made his career as long-lasting as it is today, as well as given him all sorts of opportunities and friends that he might not otherwise have had. Even if they sometimes do end with being “Roasted.” He talks about Star Trek conventions, burying the hatchet (or at least trying to) with former colleagues on Star Trek. He also writes about his brief stint as a vegetarian, starring in a movie shot entirely in Esperanto, a company spending $75,000 for his kidney stone (the money was donated to build a Habitat for Humanity home) and his various “spoken word” albums alongside other artists such as Ben Folds, Henry Rollins and Zakk Wylde, which ended with him winning an Honorary Headbanger award. There’s also his trouble with Facebook (they didn’t believe he was the real William Shatner), his love of horses and being a Canadian, and his recent biography/talk shows “Aftermath” and “Raw Nerve.”

He also writes about how Bill is completely different from Shatner, who has become a larger-than-life personality rather than “him.”

Shatner’s book is full of his exploits, his long and varied career, and lots of fun along the way. He has truly done a lot and clearly enjoyed every second of it. Fans of his will love this humorous look into Shatner’s world and the hilarity that follows. For those that just know him as Captain Kirk, it’s an insight into the man and his career beyond that television show.

And it’s all endlessly entertaining and makes for a fun read.