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A merry chase

By Staff | Mar 24, 2009

A rich heiress tangles with her hot but strict CPA in “Trouble in High Heels” by Leanne Banks.

Lori Granger has a lived a life of luxury under her rich father’s thumb. Doing exactly what he wanted for all of those years, she feels a bit lost when he dies, but decides to become a philanthropist and help worthy causes. The problem is her father gave her an ‘allowance’ to live by until she turns 30 and then inherits all of the money, and Lori has overspent by a lot. She could always charm her old accountant to more money out of the trust, but when he retires, she finds herself under the more strict guidance of the young and handsome Jackson James.

Jackson wants her to live within a budgetary means, but when Lori gets a letter from the one charity that means the most to her saying they’re going to close, she wants to save them. A provision in her father’s will allows that if she is married and stays married until she is 30, she can inherit the money sooner, but she must run any spending past her husband. Ready for her own life and not wanting anyone to control her, Lori concocts a scheme to ‘hire’ a man to marry her for the requisite amount of years, and then divorce him with a pre-determined cash settlement. Jackson thinks she’s crazy, especially when she wants him to help her find a man!

But when all of the candidates are less than worthy, Lori begins to look for someone a bit closer to wed and may have found the perfect candidate. But is he her perfect man?

A funny comedic romance of opposites attracting, there is also another side romance of a not so wealthy Duke and his perfect match, which keeps the two couples in limbo about the fate of their relationships. It’s a fun journey to the happily ever after the couples get that will raise your spirits this spring.

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