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Grey Agents set to release sophomore album

By Staff | Apr 25, 2018

As The Grey Agents prepare for the fast approaching May 1st, 2018 release of their sophomore album titled Last Generation, the band, which hails from Bridgeport, WV, took time out of their busy schedule to speak with Graffiti.

The band, an eclectic mix of 70s rock and blue collar folk akin to Bruce Springsteen or the late Tom Petty, was formed in 2014 and currently consists of five members. Brian Cottrill serves as guitarist and provides vocals, Bob Workman handles drum duties and vocals, John Farmer provides bass and vocals, Phil Wyatt plays the sax and provides vocals, while David Seamon rounds out the group as keyboardist.

The new album, “takes up where Classified Misinformation, left off,” Said Workman as he described the band’s new sound. “Some power pop, some straight up rock and roll, an Americana style song but this time we also add some reggae, swing, and funk to the mix.”

When asked about the driving force behind the songs, Farmer explained, “some lyrics come from personal experience. Others come from imagination. This album contains a mixture of both.”

Cottrill further explains, “our lyrics came from the world around us. They are about love, alienation, our differences and Donald Trump!”

The road to this release has been bumpy. After the debut of their first album, Classified Misinformation, to positive reviews in 2015, the band began to travel frequently throughout West Virginia, becoming regulars at fairs and events. Despite their growing popularity, the band had a hard time maintaining members. “We went through a few very talented lead guitarists who didn’t want to play the same style of music or didn’t have enough time to dedicate to the band,” said Workman.

Farmer added, “We recorded new songs with some guest guitarists who were amazing but either lived too far away or were already in another band.” This set back prevented the band from playing live, right as their first album was gaining in popularity.

“We arranged our first album for a five-member group and there is no other way to perform that material,” said Seaman. After playing only one show throughout the past two years, the band realized that they needed to take a different approach.

“I didn’t think we would ever find the right lead guitarist,” said Cottrill, “I thought we might be done as a band. In the end, we never did find the right lead guitarist.” But that’s not to say that the band gave up hope. Luckily, the band recruited saxophonist Wyatt, whose skills with a saxophone easily filled the void left by their lack of a lead guitarist. Before long Wyatt was considered an integral member of the band.

“Phil’s sax solos really filled out our sound, and his vocals are a major step up for the band,” said Workman. Workman and Wyatt were no strangers, having played together for 35 years in the band Second Street.

Armed with a new, fresh sound, a new album, and a new lease on life, the band is “ready to rock,” said Workman.

The Grey Agents will have an album release show on April 26th, 2018 with more shows to be added soon. Those interested in keeping up with the band can visit www.thegreyagents.com, or find the band on social media, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. If you would like to purchase or stream the band’s music you can find their albums on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon.com and Spotify.

Richard Allen is a freelance writer for various publications. He can be contacted at richardallenwrites@gmail.com.