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Scenes From a Movie Reunite

By Staff | Feb 28, 2018

Scenes From A Movie, once a staple of the local West Virginia music scene, has reunited to celebrate the 10th anniversary of their major label debut album, The Pulse. Graffiti spoke with singer Tony Bush, guitarists Jon Ewing and Luke Del Papa, bassist Adam Triplett, drummer Jared Miller and longtime friend of the band/collaborator Greg McGowan about their reunion and upcoming plans.

The band, which regrettably broke up 10 years ago right as they were picking up national steam, has mended their friendships and have formed a more cohesive bond than ever. Despite the logistics of getting the band back together, as the members are now spread out between New York, Michigan and West Virginia, the album’s anniversary felt like the right time to return to the stage. Their planned tour dates will feature a complete playthrough of their full-length album.

I asked the members what had motivated the band to reunite after so many years apart. Guitarist Jon Ewing replied, “First it’s the friendships, then it’s the fans,” while drummer Jared Miller added, “We are all so passionate about the music,” a sentiment echoed by all members.

Regarding the reception from fans, Ewing replied, “We had no idea how huge the response was going to be. Like, holy shit, people still care 10 years later?” Singer Tony Bush jokes about the reaction, saying Scenes untimely break up, “literally left them wanting more,” before adding, “we left ourselves wanting more.” The show of support at their first two shows made the band realize that reuniting was something that could be more than a one-off weekend experience. Ewing said, “this really motivated me to raise the bar and do more with this. We all agreed that we could make time in April and agreed upon some cities.”

The band had amassed a large following during their short time together. “Our lifespan was not as long as people think,” says Bush, “About two years. But we made a lot of noise in those two years.”

Indeed, they had, as reception to their reunion has been nothing but positive, while attendance for their shows has drawn crowds nearly equal to their shows 10 years ago.

With two reunion shows at the V Club in Huntington already under their belt, and a four-date mini tour coming up in April, the newly reunited band shows no signs of slowing down. I asked the members if they planned on continuing to play shows to which Ewing replied, “we are all open to more.” Bush agreed, stating, “we don’t have any need or reason to close the door on anything.” Guitarist Luke Del Papa will be out of state due to work for nine months, so any plans for shows after the mini tour will be delayed, but upon his return the band is ready to return to the stage once again. “As soon as I get back, game on,” says Del Papa.

There’s no word on new music, but the band has uploaded a lyric video of a previously unreleased song. The video is currently available on their YouTube channel.

Upcoming shows include April 4 at the Smiling Moose in Pittsburgh; April 5 at The Loving Touch in Ferndale, Michigan; April 6 at The Adelphia Music Hall in Marietta, Ohio; and April 7 at Kingsland Tavern in Brooklyn, New York.

For more information on Scenes From A Movie, including the ability to stream their debut album and EP, you can check out the band’s newly minted website at www.scenesfromamovie.com/ or find them on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.