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Under Surveillance releases ‘Savannah Moon’

By Staff | Jan 28, 2016

The Charleston-based rock band, Under Surveillance (US), released their second CD, “Savannah Moon” on Revolution Records in January.

Their 2013 debut CD, “Between the Lines” had consistent airplay on over 400 independent radio stations, podcasts, and FM rock stations across the US, Spain, Japan, England, Ireland, Germany and France, and received acclaim in Spain’s Future Magazine in 2014. “Savannah Moon” is also off to a great start, as a few sample songs recently hit the #1 ranking spot on Reverb.com in late December, 2015.

Although deeply rooted in the West Virginia music scene, US consistently performs in Ohio, North Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia and South Carolina, with plans to expand their reach further into the southeastern and mid-western United States in 2016-2017 in support of “Savannah Moon”.

US is comprised of vocalist Eve Marcum-Atkinson; who joined the band in January 2014; songwriter/guitarist Phil Hatfield; drummer Randy Brown; and bassist Phil “X” Crace. The latter three are former members of The Score, whose 1983 self-produced LP “Private Ideas” attained international attention when Flipside and Tentacles Magazines noted them as among the pioneers of independent rock music. Hatfield is also a nationally recognized author/historian who wrote the “The Other Feud” related to the famous fratricide.(Amazon.com)

“Savannah Moon” reflects a significant departure for US, with the addition of vocalist Eve, who brings the perfect front to US with her powerful and harmonic vocal range, and energetic stage presence.

This is the first time Hatfield, Brown and X, who are veteran musicians that began performing together in high school, have worked with a female front. Bassist X recently said, “It is an incredibly positive change, Eve, instinctively puts the vocal power and finesse all in the right places.”