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Whole lotta SOULICIT coming your way

By Staff | Jan 25, 2012

By Erin O’Neill

SOULICIT is a hard rocking band out of Kansas that is holding its own on rock radio, among the likes of Chevelle, Buckcherry and, dare I say, Nickelback? That’s not to say that SOULICIT is a cookie-cutter band. With the release of their first full-length album, “Parking Lot Rock Star,” and monster rock tracks like “Hell Yeah,” SOULICIT proves that they have a sound all their own and they are a take-no-shit band on the way to massive success.

Band members Darick Parson (lead vocals), brothers Dan “The Danimal” Weaver (lead guitar) and Andrew Weaver (bass) and drummer Trent Boehner are bringing their hard rocking, guitar-heavy licks to Parkersburg’s Sixpence Pub on Feb. 4. Darick Parson was gracious enough to answer some questions in advance of the show.


Graffiti: You guys have performed on the festival circuit with the likes of Buckcherry, FUEL, Twisted Sister and…Styx? What was that experience like?

Parson: It was an absolute blast. We have looked up to a lot of those guys for a long time so to share the stage was an honor. We LOVE playing festivals, so that, combined with some really great bands, (it) was a great time.

Graffiti: Do you often get compared to other hard rock bands on the scene nowadays and, if so, is it something you appreciate or something that gets on your nerves? How do you make sure SOULICIT stands out?

Parson: I think it’s natural for anyone to relate a new song or new music to something they already know. I think its a comfort thing. So yes, we get compared to other rock acts all the time. We are OK with it because they are always comparing us to bands who are always at the top of the charts and doing things in a BIG way. So if people see us on the same plane as those guys then I take that as a compliment. We don’t try to sound like anyone else we just write and play what we love. We try to stand out by writing really catchy stuff that everyone will remember.

Graffiti: I’ve listened to ‘Hell Yeah,’ ‘Complicated’ and ‘Parking Lot Rock Star’ and I get the impression that the band has many influences. Who would you count among them?

Parson: Our influences are all over the place. We all grew up on classic rock and southern rock so you can find nods to some of that old school stuff in what we do today. On the current side we like Buckcherry, Blackstone Cherry, Shinedown, Nickelback … bands like that. In any business you want to look at what the best are doing to be successful so we do the same.

Graffiti: The lyrics to your songs, specifically ‘Parking Lot Rock Star,’ are very straightforward and ‘tell-it-like-it-is.’ Who is the primary song writer and where does the inspiration come from?

Parson: I write the lyrical content. As far as the songs as a whole I will usually have an idea for a song and will have a melody line established. I will take it to the guys and they will take it and put their own spins on it and write their own respective parts. So the final product is definitely a collective effort.

Graffiti: So you are out on the road now in support of your album, ‘Parking Lot Rock Star’ – How have audiences reacted to your first full-length album and live shows? Does the band enjoy being out on the road?

Parson: We have been blown away by the response so far. From fans, radio and media everyone has been very receptive to the album and feedback has been very positive. It’s awesome to see that same excitement from fans at shows as well. We live to play live and are having a blast bringing the new stuff to people around the country.

Graffiti: What can people expect when you bring the show to Parkersburg on Feb. 4?

Parson: One thing we take a lot of pride in is sounding as close as possible live to what you hear on the album. We have worked very hard to make sure fans hear what they are expecting to here after listening to the album. You know you’re at a live show and more so a party when we hit the stage. Our crowds are invited to be interactive with us and party as hard as we are!