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Tennis anyone? Duo brings the heat

By Staff | Jan 25, 2012

Are you ready for spring? How about at least some warmer weather? Well, believe it or not, we are getting close. For those who can’t hold on a little longer and are longing for something that evokes feelings of warmth, I recommend Tennis.

Tennis is a married duo out of Colorado featuring Alaina Moore and Patrick Riley. The sound in “Cape Dory,” which was released in January 2011, relies heavily on beachy sounds and settings. It’s calming and relaxing and certainly makes me yearn for a place with beautiful warmer weather.

I can remember family trips going to the beach in the middle of the summer. The Beach Boys’ music was a main staple for the drive to Rehoboth Beach. Any Beach Boys’ song triggers those fond memories of relaxing or the anticipation of relaxing on a beach setting. Those were very pleasant memories indeed.

I feel Tennis hits the nail on the head with “Cape Dory.” Moore’s voice makes me think of Belinda Carlisle of the ’80s girl group, The Go-Go’s.

The album cover art is an obvious nod to Lisa Hartman’s 1979’s release “Hold On,” though it is somewhat ironic. Perhaps the reference to Hartman’s album is an inside joke or may have some significance for the couple; however, it doesn’t make that much sense to me since the album sounds so much like a 1960’s pop band – not even remotely close to anything released around 1979 no less than a song like “Hold On,” which suggests, dare I say it, disco era?

As I said, I could be wrong but that is the only issue I have with the album and it can be easily overlooked. Music is all about how it makes you feel. This album would be a welcome change for anyone out there who, like me, is sick of winter weather. I am ready to take the kids to the beach and add Tennis to the soundtrack, right alongside the Beach Boys tunes.

Tennis is releasing an album this Valentine’s Day called “Young and Old.” I for one am very excited to hear more from this eclectic band. I think it is refreshing to hear the influence of older sounds on artists in this day and age. Sometimes we need a break from Katy Perry and the LMFAO “Party Rock Anthem.” Or at least some kind of escape from the cold weather.