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Maybelogic is funk-world-rock-fusion

By Staff | Oct 26, 2011

Citing such influences as James Brown, Frank Zappa and Jamiroquai, the quartet hailing from mostly different areas of West Virginia and Indiana, found each other in the universe and commenced to make lovely music together.

We posed a few questions to the members of Maybelogic about how the group came into existence and what the future holds. Here is what they had to say in response.

Graffiti: How did Maybelogic come to be?

Maybelogic: The seeds of Maybelogic were probably planted when Andy McVey (guitar) and Andy Hall (drums) played together in Groove Project, a Parkersburg-based African drum and dance group in which they played both traditional African tunes and originals. While Groove Project gave them a channel for their African-influenced work, they both had other fusion-influenced styles of work that they hoped could one day have a voice in a different group.

They started a group called Here and Now that was Maybelogic’s predecessor, but it didn’t get far off the ground before other members had to leave. In fall 2006, Clay Paschal (bass) and Jessica Baldwin (vocals, keys) moved to the area and it wasn’t long before all four of us heard each other play and decided we’d like to try forming a new group that could play McVey and Hall’s compositions, write new ones, and play some favorite covers in the funk and fusion realms.

Graffiti: Can you explain the name?

Maybelogic: Maybe logic is defined as “an approach that never regards any model of the universe with 100 percent belief or 100 percent denial.” We discussed names forever and nothing hit the target collectively. I think we finally settled on this because we all really dig the idea.

Graffiti: How would you describe your sound and who are you influenced by?

Maybelogic: Our sound is funk-world-rock-fusion. Influences? John McLaughlin. John Scofield. Weather Report. James Brown. Chick Corea. Herbie Hancock. King Crimson. Steve Reich. Terence Blanchard. The Meters. Kurt Elling and Lawrence Hobgood. Billy Cobham. Frank Zappa. Opsvik & Jennings. Jaga Jazzist. Jamiroquai. Tortoise. Trilok Gurtu.

Graffiti: What does each member individually bring to the group and how do you put it all together to create the Maybelogic sound?

Maybelogic: Andy McVey is the most prolific composer in the group, and his current tunes contribute elements of fusion, rock, jazz, world, odd meters, ostinato, and hemiola. Andy Hall’s tunes have fusion, world and jazz elements, often use layers of interweaving horizontal lines, and build and release tension with alternating sections of rhythmic and harmonic dissonance and consonance. Clay’s originals and bass playing add reggae and deep funk elements. Jessica has been focused on writing rearrangements for the group, and she brings a jazz, soul, and funk flavor to tunes, especially in her vocals.

Graffiti: Where has Maybelogic performed? Any favorite venues or favorite types of crowds.

Maybelogic: We’ve performed all local venues and festivals, so far. The Adelphia in Marietta, Ohio is our current favorite. The plug and play system is great, the venue is classy, and the staff is very good to us.

This probably sounds obvious, but our favorite crowds are the ones who listen. People are so used to music being in the background of their daily activities that even live musicians are often treated as jukeboxes. We work hard to write and perform music that you can’t hear just anywhere.

One of our favorite gigs so far was our Evergreen Arts and Humanities Series gig, which was in a concert setting (at Washington State Community College in Marietta, Ohio). Many of the people who came to Evergreen had heard us before in bar venues but their response this time was, “I never really sat and listened to you guys in the bars. I liked the wash of sound I got there but hearing the details tonight was even better.” What musician wouldn’t want to hear that?

Graffiti: What’s next for the band? Do you have any gigs coming up this month?

Maybelogic: We’re currently in the process of recording a demo and expanding our gig radius. Our next gig will be at the Adelphia, Friday, Dec. 2.