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Poobah rockin’ near the Woods

By Staff | Nov 24, 2008

 This trip we head to Marietta, Ohio, to a lovely lush green area on Ohio 550, one mile from Ohio 7. The place is called Outskirts and the building has had a great makeover, and looks new inside. The front part of Outskirts has a Drive Thru with a reputation for very cold beverages to go.

 When I go in the side door it takes to me into the nightclub and it’s a good-sized room for lots of patrons. Owners Bill and Carmella have gone to lengths to make the place look nice. With a good-sized stage, they have been able to accommodate some national and regional acts. The room is laid out very tastefully and serves a live band well, with plenty of room to dance.

  Recently Outskirts added an outside party area, where they have held some large events. A motorcycle run was just held here with several bands and the place has an almost natural amphitheater out back, surrounded by hills and trees. It really looks great, as the scenery is awesome and is an ideal spot for that kind of event.

 Tonight there are two bands and the first band is Country Choice, a longstanding area band with lots of talent. Then, about 10 p.m., Poobah hits the stage. The place is packed with people looking to party. From the first song, these partyers are on their feet dancing, yelling their approval, making us smile.

 These are those defining moments for a musician, when everybody is having a grand time and you feel like you are in that place where you leave your body and rise above the crowd. Sometimes I feel like it is so amazing to get paid to do this. All these pretty girls dancing and rockin’ with their guys for hours, while we pump out the rock. It’s like an explosion of pleasure to experience the thrill of guitar flying. You bask in this magic for hours and then, slap, reality is back and you have to reload the equipment in the van. Tonight, we have help from friends, so it goes easy.

 After the show ended, there is an announcement that homemade breakfast is being served and the awesome cook, Kathy Ward is on hand. After a delicious meal it is time to get back to West Virginia. I had a great time and look forward to the next one.

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