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Cryptorchid Chipmunk still Rockin’

By Staff | Aug 12, 2008

Much like other hard touring bands, like the Eagles or Skynyrd, Cryptorchid Chipmunk has gone through more than its share of band mates over the years — over 30, as a matter of fact. They do their own personal brand of ska-punk, combining guitars, keyboards and assorted horns. The band mixes the music with crazy costumes and sex toy props. While they perform all over the country, you can see them instate at such venues as 123 Pleasant St. in Morgantown and the Italian Heritage Fest, Aug. 29. The band’s members are quick and witty; they all participated in the smart-ass interview here. For more info, check out www.myspace.com/cryptorchidchipmunk.

Graffiti: What have you been up to lately?

CC: We’re about to leave for tour. Our route consists of Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and home to ol’ West bygawd Virginy. We’re also working up a d*** sweat on recording our first full length in nine years. In the midst of all this insanity, we’re also planning a huge, blowout 10 year anniversary show … reuniting all 30 past CryptorKIDS.

Graffiti: Your bio describes your music as a combo of ska and punk. How did you think to combine those two genres?

CC: We lived through the ’90s.

Graffiti: Are you a lifelong resident of West Virginia?

CC: Our band is from all over the North Americas. Our saxophone player lives in Canada, our keyboard player lives in Pennsylvania, our guitarists live in North Carolina and New Jersey. The rest of us live here in Morganhole.

Graffiti: Your MySpace has over 10,000 fans É that’s pretty impressive. How did you amass all those friends?

CC: We sleep around a lot. We don’t mind taking a shot in the mouth if it gets us some friends on MySpace. Although, we’re sure a ton of those 10,000 fans are robots and Power Ranger impersonators.

Graffiti: You perform with costumes and props. How do you get your ideas for showmanship?

CC: Costumes? What are you talking about? Aren’t pink overalls, tutus and dragon shirts in trend? We’re nothing if not trendsetters. As far as the props go: Polynesian sex toys and cardboard cutouts of Carlos Santana are pretty much standard issue.

Graffiti: What instruments do you play?

CC: Guitars, drums, bass, keyboards, saxophones, megaphones and telephones. We’ve got it all here at Cryptorchid’s musical emporium! Come on down for great prices and greater service. Ask about our frequent shopper card.

Graffiti: Did you always like being on stage, even as a kid?

CC: Our parents dressed us in our mother’s brassieres and filmed us singing “I’m a Little Teapot” while masturbating. So, no. It was a horrific experience and would rather forget it.

Graffiti: Who are your musical influences?

CC: Kids Eating Pizza, xAPx, The Ultraball, The Business Fairy, Hope on a Rope, The Champ is Here, Jud Jud.


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