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Scott McCartney Shows His Explicit Faith

By Staff | Jun 30, 2008

West Virginia’s Explicit Faith mixes rock with a spiritual message. Their drummer, Scott McCartney, has been a musician for nearly all his life: piano lessons started at age five and drums came at nine. While in his school band, he was exposed to many genres of music, including southern rock, classic rock, progressive, jazz and even show tunes. For more info, check out www.explicitfaith.com.

Graffiti: What are your latest projects?

McCartney: We are currently writing and arranging material for our debut CD.

Graffiti: Where did you go to school?

McCartney: I went to high school in suburban Philadelphia, Justin and Dusty attended Mathias High School in Hardy County, Derek attended school in Grant County, and although Benn grew up in Hardy County he attended high school in Fredericksburg, Va. Dusty and I met at Lord Fairfax Community College, both taking engineering courses.

Graffiti: How old are you?

McCartney: I am 42 and they call me the “old man” of the band.

Graffiti: What was your family’s church background that you got involved in gospel music?

McCartney: We all have a similar church background with each of us getting involved through our families at a young age. Several of us played in church services over the years and still do from time to time. Dusty invited me to play along with him and Justin in several services at a church where Justin’s father was the preacher.

Graffiti: Did you ever consider becoming a preacher?

McCartney: We consider this band to be a ministry. We believe that God has called us to use the talents he has blessed us with to share his message. We take this responsibility seriously and praise him for the opportunity to serve him this way.

Graffiti: What instruments do you play?

McCartney: I have played drums for most of my life. I also play a little piano and am learning the guitar.

Graffiti: Are any members of your family musical?

McCartney: I grew up in a house where music was central. Mom played piano and my sister played flute.

Graffiti: Who are your musical influences?

McCartney: For this genre, I would say Jonah33, Pillar, Casting Crowns and Seventh Day Slumber. Several of us grew up listening to classic rock and ‘80s rock bands and yet, we also have some bluegrass background. I think this variety sets us apart and adds originality to our sound.

Graffiti: What CDs are you listening to these days?

McCartney: Currently I am listening to the Robert Plant/Allison Krauss collaboration. Recently, I have enjoyed the new Pillar CD and Colma, a CD from an extremely talented guitarist known as Buckethead. I usually have a classic progressive rock CD from Genesis or Rush close by as well.

Graffiti: What is your goal when you play for an audience?

McCartney: We want to provide good music with a positive message to our audience. Our songs are Spirit led and we pray that those listening will be touched by the message and the music in order to bring honor and glory to God. For some of our songs, we include a slideshow with the lyrics and images that add meaning for the audience.

Graffiti: How did you decide to translate your message to the music you play?

McCartney: This is perhaps the most amazing part of being in this band. For most of our songs, we feel the Holy Spirit of the Lord at work as the music just flows from us. It is an almost indescribable experience and suddenly we have the majority of a song. As for the lyrics, before I begin to write, I pray and ask God to guide my hand and allow his message to be brought forward in the words.

Graffiti: Where in West Virginia do you play?

McCartney: Most of our performances to date have been in our area of Hardy and Grant counties. We are exploring other opportunities as God opens these doors for us.

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