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Pumping Out the New Stuff

By Staff | Jun 3, 2008

It seems like every comic company has a big batch of new series beginning this spring. Here are some titles already underway that are worth a closer look.

Captain Britain and MI 13 (Marvel). The British Secret Service employs a number of English superheroes, but they may not be enough to repel the Skrull’s attack on the magical realm of Avalon in this tie-in to Marvel’s “Secret Invasion.”

Guardians of the Galaxy (Marvel). Marvel’s little used cosmic heroes like Star-Lord, Quasar, Drax and Adam Warlock share the spotlight again in this new series spinning out of the recent “Annihilation” event, joining together to stop universe-destroying threats before they happen.

House of Mystery (DC/Vertigo). Borrowing the name of the classic horror anthology, this new Vertigo series finds a group of strangers from different worlds inside a house they can’t escape. They tell tales to pass the time, each short story-within-a-story illustrated by a renowned comic artist. (Mature Readers)

Lost Boys: Reign of Frogs (DC/Wildstorm). A sequel to the ‘80s cult classic “The Lost Boys” has been in the works for a while. If you can’t wait, this mini-series focusing on the vampire killing Frog brothers, Edgar and Alan, may tide you over.  (Mature Readers)

The Man With No Name (Dynamite). This new series continues the adventures of Clint Eastwood’s iconic character from Sergio Leone’s Western trilogy, still on the run with his share of Confederate gold after the end of “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.”

Rann/Thanagar: Holy War (DC). Jim Starlin writes this mini-series with ties to DC’s “Final Crisis” event about the two warring civilizations whose centuries-long feud reignites after a homicidal religious cult stirs dissent within each.

Transformers: The Reign of Starscream (IDW). Jumping off where the film ended, this “official movie sequel” looks at events from the point of view of Starscream, the traitorous Decepticon, as he makes his play to destroy the Autobots once and for all.

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