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Fully Immersed in the Christian Music Scene

By Staff | May 20, 2008

Contemporary Christian music has bootstrapped itself — without the support of commercial radio — into a multi-million dollar industry. Charleston’s Fully Immersed is a young, fresh take on the genre. Many young people and their families appreciate the option to be able to listen to music, but keep within their value system. We interview here Travis McCracken and Allison Crow, the lead singers. For more info, check out www.fullyimmersed.com.
Graffiti: What are your latest projects?
Travis: Our latest project is titled “Finished with Myself.” It has 10 songs on it, six originals and four cover songs.
Graffiti: How did you decide on your Contemporary Christian sound?
Travis: Well, that is a very weird thing. I was raised on Southern Gospel music and traveled with several Southern Gospel groups. I hated it when they changed the 93.3 FM station from Southern gospel to Contemporary, and then I started listening to it and began to love it. Fully Immersed was the first Contemporary group I have been part of.
Alison: Actually, I got a call one night from Travis and Patrick. They said they were putting a contemporary Christian band together and wanted to know if I was interested in singing with them. This was totally new for me since I was raised on Southern Gospel but I knew it was where God was leading me.
Graffiti: Contemporary Christian music has tremendous grassroots energy — what churches or other groups support your endeavors?
Travis: Both of our home churches support our ministry. My home church is Mary Virginia Gospel Tabernacle and Alison’s is Roxalana Gospel Tabernacle. Also, we have a lot of support in the Charleston area, as well as the Ripley area.
Graffiti: When did you first feel the call to play your music?
Travis: Unfortunately, I don’t play anything. I just sing. But I have been doing that since I have been able to talk basically. I began in an organized traveling group at the age of 16 and recorded my first solo CD at the same age.
Alison: Well I’ve been singing forever, but several years ago at our church camp we did the Jabez prayer. I prayed that God would expand my boundaries and well, this is definitely it.
Graffiti: Did you ever explore other types of music?
Travis: I really have only explored Christian music. If I sing karaoke sometimes I will sing pop or country, but I have been true to my Christian roots.
Alison: Sure, I’ve sang a little bit of everything, but I love sharing God’s word and I do this through the music I sing.
Graffiti: Are you lifelong West Virginia residents?
Travis: Yes, I am. I have always lived in West Virginia, and in Kanawha County.
Alison: I’ve been here my whole 20 years.
Graffiti: What venues in West Virginia and eastern Kentucky do you play?
Travis: We have been in the ministry for a little over two years now and we have played over 150 venues/churches/events in the West Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania and North Carolina areas and are looking to expand that this year.
Graffiti: What are the biggest gigs you’ve played?
Travis: I would say it would be between two different venues. We opened up for the Crabb Family in 2007 at the University of Charleston’s Geary Auditorium with over 500 people. We also competed in the Colgate Country Showdown in 2006 in Ripley and it was estimated to have close to 1,000 people there.

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