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Larry Pancake Taking the Country Road

By Staff | Apr 8, 2008

Larry Pancake was born and raised in eastern Kentucky. Now he rocks it out all over the tri-state area. He grew up with music in the family, with a mother who sang with The Potters Clay Singers and a sister who’s a musician, too. After playing with a band in high school, he joined Southern Pride as the lead singer. The band then changed its name to highlight its lead. The band had one CD that’s received local airplay and another that was recorded in Nashville.

These days, Pancake has been recording solo, with his release, “Lonely,” on sale locally. For more info, check out www.larrypancake.net.

Graffiti: What are your latest projects?

Pancake: OK, so right now, I’m writing a new song for my next project called, “Everyday.” I will be back in Nashville hopefully by late spring.

Graffiti: Who are your musical influences?

Pancake: My influences are, well, I have to say Billy Ray Cyrus is one. We are from the same town, so … I’m along what they call the Country Music Highway. Along this piece of highway through here, BRC, The Judds, Loretta Lynn, Ricky Skaggs and lot more come. So we are rich in music. Paul Rodgers, lead man from Bad Company, Eddie Money, Kiss, Exile, Elvis …

Graffiti: How old were you when you first started playing?

Pancake: All people say they were two or something like that, I was singing in church around my younger years. My family also got together on the weekends. My sister played the piano and my mom and dad sang. But really, in high school I was in a talent show and won, so I thought I could make money at this.

Graffiti: What venues in West Virginia, southeast Ohio and eastern Kentucky have you played?

Pancake: I have played River Days, Old Fashioned Days, Greenup Co. Fair, Cabell Co. Fair, Mountain Arts Center, Paramount Arts Center, many different fair and festivals, clubs and bars of many types, large and small, in the West Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio area over 12 years.

Graffiti: What genres of music have you explored during your career?

Pancake: Rock/country/blues and I have even been working on some gospel tunes.

Graffiti: What instruments do you play?

Pancake: I sing, I can play guitar and can dabble in the drums a little.

Graffiti: Who are you listening to these days?

Pancake: Elvis, of course, Little Big Town, James Taylor, BRC, Paul Rodgers, classic rock and some Gospel.

Graffiti: You come from a musical family … were your parents stage parents?

Pancake: No, mom might have been. She sang gospel and had some success with it, but dad just loved to play. He died of Agent Orange from Vietnam about 10 years ago. I think he would be proud of me today if he knew what I was doing and where I have been.

Graffiti: What are some of the biggest gigs you’ve played?

Pancake: I have been able to be an opening act for some pretty big names: Loretta Lynn, Confederate Railroad, John Berry, and I got to sing with Eddie Money on stage — now that was cool! I’ve played for 15,000 people or more, on more than one occupation.

Graffiti: Do you have any cool celebrity stories?

Pancake: The Eddie Money story is probably the best. I have gotten to meet lots of famous people but he was the coolest. He wrote a song that I recorded on my CD. We listened to it on his bus and he asked me to perform it with him. It was great. I got a lot of media out of it. He was recently recorded it as Country for himself!


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