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Rocking the Pub, with Yuengling on Tap

By Staff | Mar 26, 2008

In the last installment of “Tales From the Road,” I briefly mentioned a Harrisonburg, Va., club called “The Pub.” I don’t feel like I gave this club their due, considering I focused instead on a bar fire that almost destroyed our studio, bus and van. So for this issue, I thought I’d revisit this great bar I hope to — well — revisit.

Rewind to a few weeks back: After the Morgantown Fire Department extinguished what used to be McFadden’s bar in Osage, they hosed down our slightly-singed bus and let us navigate the rubble in the street and make our way to Harrisonburg, Va., to play at a club called “The Pub.” This place was hopping: a huge stage, a nice dance floor, lots of people to fill up that dance floor and hottie bartenders serving us free Yuengling draft. We had fans come from as far away as Charlottesville, Alexandria and even Iraq — a few new friends had just come back from the war, and wanted to celebrate by getting down.

About halfway through our first set, it became apparent this was most definitely a country music crowd — our new alt-country tunes like “Real Love” and “Fast Lane” went over really well, but our pop-rock tunes like “Another Lover” and “King of Beers” were pretty much lost on them. So after a quick adjustment of our set list, we got the crowd up to a rolling boil, writhing and grinding on the dance floor.

As the night rolled on and late became early, we finished our performance and climbed into the bus, satisfied by another solid crowd at a new venue. I really look forward to getting back to The Pub, and if you’re ever in Harrisonburg you should definitely stop there for a cold one.


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