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Poobah’s Guitars and Deer Smashing

By Staff | Mar 11, 2008

This trip we head up Interstate 77 to Cambridge, Ohio. Lots of nice scenery on the way, and lovely Salt Fork State Park is not far from our destination.

 I notice an unusual thump coming from the front end of the van. It has me wondering if the deer I accidentally ran over a few days ago on Route 32, coming back from Columbus, has come back to haunt me. It luckily left no noticeable damage to the body or front bumper, thank God, but I can definitely tell the van needs some front-end alignment.

 The deer was standing right in the middle of the road, in a 65 mph speed zone area, and I made an attempt to miss it, but the deer turned and ran right into the path of the vehicle.

  It is Saturday night, and any front-end repairs will have to wait. We have a show to do.

 We arrive at Shakers Niteclub on the main drag of Cambridge. What is different about this club is it is two clubs in one. Upstairs is the live music venue, and downstairs is a DJ and dancing.

 Tonight we share the show with the excellent Columbus band, American Dog, who left for a Japanese tour right after the show. I love to listen to live bands, and there is always something to be learned. For example, like the time I played a show with Alice Cooper, I learned not to leave your expensive guitar amplifier by the back door, while you are up front watching the band.

 Tonight the club has a great sound and lighting system, as many famous national bands play here. All the seats are full, which really adds to a quality rock performance, and gives you the feeling of satisfaction.

 The experience is fun. Poobah has another wonderful, exciting time, which is always the best way for us to get our musical jollies off.

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