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Nerd to star: The journey of Simon Pegg

June 29, 2011
By Amy Phelps
British actor Simon Pegg tells his journey from class clown to world class comedian in "Nerd Do Well."

With his trademark wit, Pegg talks of his childhood, first forays into acting for local theater and tales of first loves and first kisses in between a biography of his fictional life as a super spy, a la James Bond, with a robot butler. Of course. Because you can't expect a comedian's biography to be straightforward, can you?

Pegg writes about his first joke at the age of 6, where he realized he could make people laugh. He wrote a comedy sketch at the age of 8 to perform for his fellow schoolmates during an assembly, a fake newscast. He also talks about his attraction to girls at that age (or in running away from them and getting badly hurt.)

With a mother and stepfather involved in the local theater, Pegg soon got involved too, taking children's parts alongside his mother.

Pegg also speaks humorous of his fear of public pools as a result of a terrible bullying incident (how anyone can make that funny is a testament to his wit) and a story about a practical joke on one of his teachers.

Since Pegg is known for his love of pop culture, he speaks warmly about his love of the “Seven Million Dollar Man,” “Star Wars,” “Night of the Living Dead,” “Star Trek,” “Doctor Who” and speaks ironically about eventually being on “Doctor Who,” being a main character in the recent “Star Trek” movie and writing his own zombie movie. He also writes about his various friends over the years, including the one he would end up acting with, Nick Frost.

Pegg was unable to attend the grammar school his parents wanted him to and ended up at the one that pushed him toward his eventual career in movies and television. And thank goodness for his fans.

Pegg's life from charming schoolboy to charming actor is a funny one, but what would you expect? His love of all things pop cuture is warmly celebrated in his odes to his childhood favorites that somehow transformed into his future career as an adult. Everyone's goal is to make what they love into their career, and Pegg has certainly accomplished that. But he keeps his everyday "geek" attitude, that makes him seem like the geek next-door, albeit over an ocean, that makes him very relatable. Fans of Pegg's movies like "Shaun of the Dead," "Hot Fuzz " and "Star Trek" will want to pick this one up to read more about the actor. And his included "Star Wars" fan fiction is hilarious.

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