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'One Last' by Avi Buffalo

December 7, 2010
By Justin McIntosh
Avi Buffalo is the new Shins. If the Shins were a group of 19-year-old horndogs.

Yes, there's a song called "Summer Cum." And there's one called "Five Little Sluts." But for all the band's youthful dalliances in subject matter, the music here is deftly mature and graceful. And even if the song titles and subjects are what you'd expect from a 19-year-old, the lyrics are smarter than you'd expect.

The Long Beach band's debut album came out this year, earning an 82 review on Metacritic. Not too shabby.

There's a bit of the Shins' jangly, psychedelia and Built to Spill's ambling, all filtered through something a little softer.

Mark my words, this group will end up on some pretentious movie claiming its songs will change your world. So you better get in on this from the ground floor before everyone else ruins it for you.

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