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Song of the Day: 'Too Much' by Sufjan Stevens

October 4, 2010
By Justin McIntosh
"Too Much," the second song on Sufjan Stevens' upcoming album, "The Age of Adz," — available for free download prior to the album's release — is not exactly what you'd expect from this typically precious indie artist.

Electronic warbles start the track before off-rhythm beats kick in, with dissonance wavering in the background. In fact, even when Sufjan starts singing almost 50 seconds into the track, you'll still swear this is a Ratatat remix and not from Sufjan's first proper full-length album since 2005.

Still, it's not like this is totally unexpected, as Stevens' early releases were mostly electronica. And anyway, this track is still heavily orchestrated, just in a different way — with choruses, strings, piano and brass floating behind electronic blips and bloops — and, most importantly, immensely enjoyable.

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