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Song of the Day: 'The Gardener,' by The Tallest Man on Earth

July 21, 2010
By Justin McIntosh

There's no shortage of folk singer-songwriters that are reminiscent of Bobby D. But that doesn't mean some of those artists aren't worth checking out.

Case in point: Swedish folk singer Kristian Mattson, who records under the moniker The Tallest Man on Earth.

This year's "Shallow Grave," is the second full-length from Mattson and comes on the heels of tours with Bon Iver and John Vanderslice.

The entire album is mostly Mattson unadorned, but don't expect things to get boring. Mattson's poetic-tinged lyrics keep things ambiguous enough for multiple interpretations and mystery, but personal and vulnerable enough to draw you closer.

Take "The Gardener." This upbeat acoustic number is a love song, with creepy undertones and lyrics that could be about keeping love alive till death, stalking a woman or burying your deepest secrets so your love won't see your bad sides.

The truth is probably somewhere in the middle, which, in my eyes, makes this one of the more interesting folk love songs to come out since Neutral Milk Hotel. 

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