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Old Spice Guy all the rage; kids getting high from digital drugs

July 15, 2010

• In case you've been living under a rock all week — and, really, who hasn't? — here's a rundown on the Old Spice Guy, the brilliant marketing campaign from Old Spice.

• Mark Ruffalo is close to accepting the role of Hulk, according to one rumor. While others suggest he's just one of several who might play the green giant. Others include, Joaquin Phoenix, Adrien Brody, Nathan Fillion, and David Tennant (The Doctor!!).

• Even subway trains aren't safe from the Empire! Check out this hilarious improv of Star Wars on a subway train in the link to the left. It's hilarious!

• "Community" is the latest show to capitalize on Betty White's emerging superstardom. The NBC show will hire the star for its second season premiere.

• Yea, you guys, we're apparently in a Philip K. Dick novel. The kids are getting high from digital drugs.

• And now we feel completely jipped. German police officers will start getting paid to get dressed for work, as it takes them 30 minutes to put on and take off their uniform. Why don't we get credit for taking showers and brushing our teeth and getting dressed and stuff? Bunch of fascists!

• So those really expensive sunglasses you just bought? Yea, they're all made by the same Italian company. Like, all of them.



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