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Song of the Day: 'Everlasting Light' by the Black Keys

June 8, 2010

The Black Keys are everywhere these days. Late night talk shows, hip-hop collaboration albums, 'Eclipse' soundtrack. It's not for nothing either. 

We saw these guys perform at Lollapalooza two years ago and were blown away two dudes could make such a loud, energetic, raw and rocking sound. Surely there was a wizard behind a curtain somewhere. 

The first track of the Ohio duo's new album, "Brothers" is a slight departure from their previous garage rock, down and dirty blues. With a head-nodding beat and guitar riff, a falsetto and a background of "Shoo-ahh," "Everlasting Light" is a welcome progression for the group into R&B. 

The rest of the album sticks to Keys' mainstay, but this, combined with the Blakroc side project, gives us hope that one of these days the duo will release a purely soul/R&B album. 



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