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The Year of the Trannies

April 8, 2008
By Picabo
I love being the first to say, “I told you so.” It wasn’t long ago when I predicted this to be the year of the transvestite. It’s only April and the headlines are shouting about the first man to have a baby. I love when gay headlines are all about science and fascination and not political gain. For the first time in probably 40 years of political battles, the pundits are not trying to spin gay issues to win votes. The spin-doctors are having too much fun trying to dance the female, race and age issues.

The media is fascinated by the story of Thomas Beatie, 34, Oregon, who as a transgender male is pregnant. Oprah aired his complete story first, and well, girlfriend, if Oprah is onboard, then Picabo is onboard and believes the entire story. Thomas has not had any gender-altering surgery to date and his transformation so far is totally through hormone treatments. I love his entire story mainly because his wife and their children are all totally supportive and in the end, that’s all that matters. Some are worried about the child and any social problems the child may have while growing up in a society which tends to spend more time ridiculing than supporting, but I believe that any child brought up in a loving environment has a greater chance in life than those in households where there is only hatred. The Beatie family is truly happy to bring life into the world and at this point in time does not appear to be having a baby for financial gains. All is good.


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