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Nightmares Await After Returning from War

April 23, 2008 Incriminating military procedure, policy and training, “Stop Loss” stridently forces viewers to contend with shrouded realities of the Iraq War. more »»

How Mustaches Change the Face of Film

April 23, 2008 It’s become satirical nowadays to masquerade socially with a mustache. more »»

Huntington Film, 'Back to the Bottle,' debuted

April 22, 2008 With the regal elegance of a glamorous first-nighter, Huntington’s nationally-known young filmmaker, Francesca E. more »»

Delay of Game Sidelines Leatherheads

April 22, 2008 What do gridiron talented college grads do after obtaining a diploma? They turn professional athlete and earn millions. more »»

Green Movies Rock It All Night Long

April 8, 2008 By Tony Rutherford Let it be shouted from the top of the stadium seats: Hollywood has been mostly environmentally friendly usually by trumpeting eco values or churning out... more »»

Movie Pitch Guru is Appy Fest Guest Artist

April 8, 2008 A man who headed four film studios, won writing/producing awards, and has authored a best seller on selling concepts to Hollywood will be a special guest artist at the Appalachian Film Festival,... more »»

Remake Grabs Your Jugular, Then Rips It Out

March 26, 2008 Adapted from a Japanese thriller, “Shuttter” readily steps into similar supernatural manifestations that have chilled “The Ring,” “The Grudge” and “Sixth Sense” viewers. more »»

‘Semi-Pro’ Shoots Mostly Airballs

March 11, 2008 You’ve seen come from behind sports flicks previously. more »»

Woolly Mammoths, Pyramids, Eye Liner & Mascara

March 11, 2008 Although “10,000 B.C.” qualifies as a dinosaur themed flick (mammoths and saber tooth tigers), the creatures roam mostly as background decorations with only a few stampedes. more »»

Alcohol Addiction Film Premiere

February 29, 2008 The first showing of Francesca Karle’s second film, “Back to the Bottle,” will debut Thursday, April 17 as part of the Fifth Annual Appalachian Regional Film Festival. more »»

‘There Will Be Blood’ Digs, and Finds Riches

February 29, 2008 What would you do to be a powerful, wealthy person? Set during the early 20th Century, “There Will Be Blood” follows the fortune of Daniel Plainview (Daniel Day-Lewis) as he goes from a... more »»

Absolutely ‘No End In Sight’ Whatsoever

February 29, 2008 I have spent my entire adult life in the shadow of the Iraq War. more »»



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