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News of the Weird

August 25, 2010 • Woody Allen Joke Come to Life: Shirley Anderson, 71, is suing her son Ken, 46, in Vancouver, British Columbia, for parental support -- even though she and his father had abandoned him when he... more »»

News of the Weird

July 28, 2010 • "Why are you still alive?" is the question doctors ask Ozzy Osbourne, the hard-rock singer and reality-TV star, who says he is now clean and sober after a lifetime of almost... more »»

News of the Weird

June 30, 2010 • New York state school officials had promised to crack down on soft test-grading to end the near-automatic grade-advancement by students unprepared for promotion. more »»

News of the Weird

May 26, 2010 • Briton Robert Dee, feeling humiliated at being called the "world's worst tennis pro" by London's Daily Telegraph (and other news organizations) sued the newspaper for libel last year. more »»

Summertime and the living is easy

May 26, 2010 It’s summer now. I don’t care how far along the Earth is as it revolves around the Sun or the tilt of its axis relative to the plane of revolution. more »»

Tales from the failed environmentalist

April 28, 2010 It’s Earth Day and I still haven’t planted a tree, I still have incandescent light bulbs, I still forget to turn off the water when I’m brushing my teeth, and I’m pretty sure... more »»

News of the Weird

April 28, 2010 ∫ A new sports center in Mexico City will be devoted to the revival of ancient Aztec- and Mayan-created games that are rarely played in Mexico because they are dangerous, including a... more »»

News of the Weird

March 31, 2010 By Chuck Shepherd • War Is Hell: The day before British army chef Liam Francis, 26, arrived at his forward operating base in Afghanistan, the Taliban shot down the... more »»

Songs for the woods

March 31, 2010 You have to lose something to appreciate it. more »»

No one knows love like Dylan

February 23, 2010 What first came to my mind when I started to write about Love; about love songs, and making a love song playlist was this:  Jeff Buckley said that Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan was his Elvis. more »»

News of the Weird

February 23, 2010 White People in Turmoil: • April Gaede, who four years ago guided her teenage daughters, Lynx and Lamb (performing as “Prussian Blue”), to a brief music... more »»

News of the Weird

January 26, 2010 LEAD STORY • Big-time traffickers who smuggle illegal immigrants into the U.S. more »»

Wash that 2009 out of your hair

January 26, 2010 Did you feel that? That’s 2010 slapping you in the face. It’s telling you that you have to get that 2009 out of your head. more »»

News of the Weird

December 29, 2009 LEAD STORY ∫ Spare the Rod: In September, engaging in a 300-year tradition of the Dussera holiday in India’s Tamil Nadu state, Hindu priests ritually whipped 2,000... more »»

Playlist: The best music of ‘09

December 29, 2009 2009 began with me wandering around my neighborhood at 4 a.m. New Years Day trying to figure out where I lived. I must have passed my building about three times before I realized what an idiot I wa. more »»

News of the Weird

November 23, 2009 • For some consumers, good environmental citizenship is important even when choosing among sex accessorie. more »»

Go to (West) Virginia young man, and grow up with the country!

November 23, 2009 “I’m going to come back to West Virginia when this is over. There’s something ancient and deeply rooted in my soul. more »»

News of the Weird

October 27, 2009 ∫ Love Can Mess You Up: Before Arthur David Horn met his future bride Lynette (a “metaphysical healer”) in 1988, he was a tenured professor at Colorado State, with a Ph.D. more »»

Music to survive the blasted holidays with

October 27, 2009 Jerry Seinfeld began the “Pony Remark” episode with this: “I am not much for the family gatherin. more »»

News of the Weird

September 29, 2009 LEAD STORY: Based on models of rampant infectious diseases, say researchers, civilization would be doomed if we were ever attacked by zombies. more »»



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