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Plague Town by Dana Fredsti

August 13, 2012 - Amy Phelps
A fun mix of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Night of the Living Dead" comes in Dana Fredsti's "Plague Town."

Ashley Parker is a typical, wise-cracking college student. Her new college professor, Simone Fraser seems pretty cool, but her assistant, Gabriel, and Ashley get off on the wrong foot almost immediately. Gabriel might be hot, but he's also annoying, and besides, Ashley has her own cute boyfriend, Matt. The couple go out for a picnic out in the woods in the evening and are attacked - by zombies!

Ashley wakes up in a secret building under the college. There she learns that Simone is working for a shadow organization that works to stop the undead plague that keeps popping up every century or so. Ashley, it turns out, is a "wild card" - someone with an immunity to the zombie virus and can heal up from the attack. This immunity also gives her senses a kick and her speed and strength. She is taken to meet the small group of other "wild cards," a shy girl named Lily, a former mailman named Mack, a cute guy from one of her classes, Kai, a rowdy kid named Tony, and a nasty housewife named Kaitlyn. And while Matt didn't survive, someone else did - Gabriel.

As the group begins to bond over the shared training and zombie killing, Ashley begins to get closer to Gabriel, who seems interested, but reluctant to further their relationship. Is he hiding something? And when a swarm of zombies comes to overtake the college, will anyone survive?

This is the start of a pulse-pounding new series, of zombies, wisecracks, fun characters and did I mention the zombies? The take that the zombie virus has always been around and the cause of several known disasters, like Pompeii and the like, is a great new one and I can't wait to see where this series goes from here.

"Plague Town" is published by Titan Books. It is $7.99 and 350 pages. Look for "Plague Nation" and "Plague World" coming soon.


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