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Batman: Earth One

July 16, 2012 - Amy Phelps
DC Comics has recently released its retelling of Batman's origin story in the hardcover edition, "Batman: Earth One" by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank.

Batman has always been the guy without the super powers - the man who tries to bring justice to Gotham City after his parents were murdered in cold blood in front of him. All of that is amped up a bit in this story. Alfred is a war-weary old friend of Thomas Wayne's who is called in to act as his security after threats have been made. Thomas Wayne is a would-be politician and would-be mayor against the current (and corrupt) one, Mayor Cobblepot. When his parents are killed in front of him outside of the movies, Bruce Wayne becomes the ward of Alfred. Bruce's family legacy is one of secrets and possible insanity, and he dances closer to that edge as he gets the idea to dress up as a bat, use gadgets created by a young worker at his company to help him fight crime and try to track down those who murdered his parents.

Meanwhile, Detective Gordon is saddled with a celebrity partner, Harvey Bullock, who hosted a television show and wants to dig into the murders of Thomas and Martha Wayne. Gordon tries to warn him to stay out of it, that powerful people pull the strings in the crime world of Gotham, and the cops are dirty by necessity, unless they want their family members to end up at the hands of the sadist Birthday Boy, a serial killer. When Bullock's digging leads to Gordon's daughter's kidnapping, its up to Gordon and Batman to save Barbara Gordon and possibly the city, before it's too late.

This is a great retelling of Batman's orgins, with wonderfully detailed art and a compelling story, making the characters and the situations fresh again.

"Batman: Earth One" is published by DC Comics. It is $22.99.


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