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DC Comic's New 52 Second Wave

May 2, 2012 - Amy Phelps
DC Comics is adding to its New 52 reboot of their titles with a second wave of #1s!

First up is "Earth 2" by James Robinson with art by Nicola Scott ($3.99.) The reasoning behind this title confuses me, as I thought the whole point of the big reboot was to cut down on the confusion of all of the alternate Earths and messy continuity. And the company just relaunched the DC world, so now they're giving a "whole new take" again?

Putting all of that aside, the story deals with an epic alien invasion of murderous green-skinned creatures called Parademons and lead by the human-looking Steppenwolf (not the band) from Apokolips. Batman came up an idea to stop the alien invasion and needs Superman and Wonder Woman's help, which they are willing to oblige, even if it means their death. Supergirl and this world's Robin (Batman's daughter Helena) pitch in to help too. When the dust settles, the world is changed forever, but a threat may still lurk, and it looks as if one of the gods is going to call in a hero of their own...

The story isn't bad and I always liked the "Elseworlds" titles, but I don't know how well an alternate reality storyline will run this soon after a major relaunch.


In "World's Finest" by Paul Levitz with art by George Perez ($2.99) we find out just what happened to Earth 2's Supergirl and Robin - they ended up in the regular continunity as Huntress and Power Girl. Of course.

The two are using money culled from Wayne Enterprises (apparently our Batman and Earth 2 Batman must have the same PIN number) and what they've invested since along with a few stolen identities to try to build a machine to get them back home. But when they think they made a breakthrough, someone sabotages their machine. Looks like the girls have a fight on their hands!

I liked the easy banter between the girls, and the story goes back and forth from current day to the past to let the reader know how the girls ended up where they are.

The "World's Finest" usually features a team-up between two superheroes, so I don't know how long it will stay Huntress and Power Girl, but it was a fun read.


A dark title is released in the story of an unlikely hero in "Dial H" by China Mieville with art by Mateus Santolouco ($2.99.)

Nelse is an overweight guy who isn't even 30 yet and already had a heart attack and no job. His best friend, Darren, tries to check on him, and ends up running into some shady characters with an agenda against him based on who he works for. Nelse, going to apologzie to Darren, runs in during the middle of the beatdown and wants to help, and goes to an old phonebooth. In trying to dial for help, he accidentally dials 4376, which somehow transforms him into Boy Chimney, a creatures who uses all of the pollution of the city against the thugs and manages to get his friend to safety. Nelse wakes up several hours later, back to normal and visits Darren in the hospital, who lets him know his beating came at the orders of Vernon Boyne. Going back to the phone booth, Nelse goes to see Vernon, this time in the guise of Captain Lachrymose, who uses sadness against everyone. But Vernon has a strange creature on his payroll that fights back. Who is backing Veron and why do they want Darren dead? And can Nelse resist the lure of the phone booth?

This weird little story of an everyman becoming a hero has a cool edge to it and it kept my interest. I'd want to come back and see what happens next!


Soldiers fight dinosaurs in "G.I. Combat" by J.T. Krul with art by Ariel Olivetti ($3.99.)

A helicopter is sent out to check on activity in North Korea after a satellite blackout occurs. When the soldiers get there, they find pteradactyls that crash the helicopter into the middle of a war with dinosaurs.

In the backup story, "The Unknown Soldier" by Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti with art by Dan Panosian, The Unknown Soldier invades Afghanistan and suffers horrific injuries and is called back into another mission. If you like war comics, you'll enjoy this title, but I'm afraid it wasn't really my thing.


Come back tomorrow for a look at the new graphic novel releases from DC!


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